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About Us

We are an authentic Italian restaurant in the heart of Toronto and we will give you that serious wanderlust. Step inside, sit back and enjoy our great food, great wine and great service. We are a family-owned business and we pride ourselves for offering the best Italian dishes and wines from across Italy and around the world. If you and yours are looking for that true Mediterranean getaway, Domani Restaurant has it all going on.

Our Menu

A culinary journey is yours for the taking at Domani Restaurant. We offer an array of dishes that you and your guests will certainly enjoy exploring. We never disappoint. Our culinary universe offers the best in pizza and pasta and our selection of cuisine specialties will take you from Milan to Sicily all in one sitting.


Explore Italy through our vast selection of red and white wines. Like our culinary delights, our wine list is impressive. You’ve chosen your meal, and our wines from Italy and around the world will compliment your selection of choice from our Italian-inspired menu. We offer the best in wines by the bottle and glass and the choices we offer are sure to please. At Domani Restaurant you’ll savour the tastes of Italy and the world.

Via TripAdvisor
We feel so lucky to live close to this cozy, lovely and over the top service Italian restaurant. All of the food is spectacular but it really is our 'go to' for a glass of red wine and bowl of pasta. The warm and friendly waiters and waitresses cannot do enough for you. I guarantee you will spend the next few days thinking of another reason to go out for dinner once you've been here. I'll probably to tonight again!